The Brand of the Keweenaw

An adventure lifestyle brand that represents our way of life. We are different. And we love it!


Our True North.

The end of
the beginning.

Where the blacktop ends is the beginning of adventure. We hope you take our apparel on your expeditions. We would love to be a part of the journey!

Where the blacktop ends is the beginning of adventure. We hope you take our apparel on your expeditions. We would love to be a part of the journey!

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Our Mission: Encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle that embraces the outdoors.

Our Vision: Be ‘the brand’ of the Keweenaw.

We are proud of the scars and the dirt under our fingernails. 

Who We Are

41 North Co. is a passion project by a Yooper who loves the land we live on and the unique attributes of it, especially its people!

41 North Co. wants to be a brand Copper Country residents are proud to wear, and to provide tourists that support our economy a brand they can be a part of, take home, and remember the memories they created on their trip. 

Secondly, 41 North Co. wants to define our ‘why’!

Why do we live in an area that requires teenagers to have a duffel bag in the backseat of their car for spontaneous changes in the weather?

Why do we live in a place with mosquitoes, biting flies and bears?

Why do we risk our lives, white-knuckle driving in the winter months simply to get groceries, visit friends, or attend a sporting event?

Why do we continue to live in an area with unforgiving terrain and where survival outdoors needs to be taken seriously? 

Our reasons for living here are boundless. Follow along on our journey of defining our ‘why’.

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Our Inspiration

Lake Superior

She controls everything! The weather, the mood, the sky, the snow, the sunsets, the harvest, the outdoor sports… all of it! 

We love her for what she offers, however. Amazing sunrises, gorgeous sunset walks, relaxing fishing, magical lake effect snow. 

She has the capability to take down 728′ freighters and to change the shoreline to have sand one day and sandstone the next.

We love her clarity at depths incomprehensible, we love her colors and the way the sun paints an awe dropping picture every time. 

She grounds us. She heals our souls. She is mesmerizing. She is our Mother.  

Picturesque Landscapes

A playground for all ages. It does not matter your age- you can feel fine sand between your toes or the softness of snow falling in the forest.

A step into the beautiful landscape that surrounds us heightens all of your senses. 

You smell the breaking of a new spring- the mud and dirt, the flowers and the cleansing rain, or the smell of  the vibrant fall. Oh that fall smell! 

You hear waves lapping on the shore as you fall asleep snug in your tent as the frogs sing, or the sound of sportsmen as they slip through the forest, keen on their prey.

You can taste wild apples, plentiful berries, maple syrup and pasties.

The best part of all of this? It’s right in our backyard!

Mining History

We are constantly reminded of our forefathers before us. Evidence of the history they left behind is prevelent. The will to create a new life for themselves was so strong they were willing leave their family and move to a new country. Can you imagine?

Imagine being 18 years old, getting a boat, and waving to your family knowing you will never see them again. Some of these folks were waving at their own children, hoping to someday bring them over to America. 

The mining industry made the Copper Country a true melting pot. People from all walks of life, literally, worked together to make a better life. We believe that this has been passed down to us, and we are lucky for it. Everyone can find a home here.

We are inspired by their stories, and inspired by the architecture they left behind. Structures over a century old,  weathered from being relentlessly tortured by mother nature and Lake Superior, but yet, still standing strong. 

Our Community

It would be hard to survive in the U.P. without our community. We are unique. We are proud of this and here at 41 North Co., we want to provide our community and our families with something they are proud to wear. 

The Great Father’s Day Flood of 2018 showed off the Copper Country’s commitment to one another. This willingness to come together to support one another has been around for years, but when the flood happened it allowed it to be portrayed in a big way. 

For years we have heard the stories. 

“Uncle Joe shoveled that old lady’s driveway for years before she passed.”

“Remember that time Mr. Johnson got hurt and the neighborhood cut, split, and stacked his firewood for the year?”

Yoopers are strong and dedicated people, but our loyalty isn’t only to the land. It’s also to each other and to our visiting guests, for as much or as little as it’s wanted. 


Our Promise.

Quality Craftsmanship

Most of us are living in a house that is over 100 years old! Take a stroll through historic Calumet, you will see quality craftsmanship. 

Yes, we have had our hard years and it is still showing in places. But, that is what makes this place and the people that live here so special.

You can have a brand new house sitting next to a 100 year old house, and both residents are minding their own, happy, and content living their Keweenaw life. 

Just like our forefathers before us, we have gone out and found the highest quality material we could find. We grew up on hand-me-downs, we know the material needs to hold up the rugged outdoors, and we want our apparel to be handed down. We strive to find you pieces you can wear and love, and also pass down.

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